Cooking Classes

One of the most important life skills to learn is how to cook! With so much convenience at our fingertips, coupled with marketing skills encouraging people to ‘just buy ready-made’ it can be hard to even believe we can put together a quick simple meal after a long day at work – but guess what – it can be learned, mastered and become even more convenient than stopping at that corner spot.

There is a time and place for certain pre-packaged foods, or heading out to a restaurant for a lovely meal. However, the more we can cook in our homes, for ourselves and our families, using familiar ingredients to know what is going into the food we are eating, the better our health will be. Getting kids involved in the process is the icing on the cake!

Corporate Cooking Classes

Encompassing Health and Wellness within the workplace has been shown to result in fewer sick days, an overall positive morale, and greater work productivity. Does your workplace have a Health and Wellness initiative? What about useable kitchen space? Andrea runs multiple cooking demonstrations within different corporate settings that, either teach through hands-on practice or observation, the fundamentals of balanced snacks, quick starter breakfasts, 10-minute dinners, or Go-To lunch meals.

Involving staff, whether beginner or advanced, in a familiar skill, supports a healthy mind and a more supportive work environment, by creating a safe space for everyone to learn and building more confidence to transfer to other skills.

Kids Cooking Camps

Andrea’s Cooking Camps are a safe space for children to learn, be themselves and make new friends! From chopping, measuring, baking, mixing, cleaning and understanding food safety, children learn and develop upon this critical skill, resulting in more confidence not only in the kitchen, but transitioning to other skills as well.

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Andrea’s Cooking Camps run during school breaks and are a great way for your child(ren) to learn, play, be active and build upon their strength and confidence!