Fish Tacos

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Sunny days always inspire me to do a little recipe developing, and wild fish is a favourite for me to get fancy with. I’ve done fish tacos before, but these ones are next level! Enjoy with your family tonight. We paired these beauties with fresh sweet potato fries and my homemade chipotle mayo! Serves 6-8 tacos Ingredients: ½ Cup All …


Sugar Free Banana Coconut Muffins

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Confession! I kinda get a little perturbed when I see a recipe or food product labeled improperly! The amount of conversations I’ve have with product manufacturers about “sugar free” not really being “sugar free” when there are sources of honey, maple syrup, etc in their product and how it’s misleading to the consumer is endless. And really, there is nothing …


Deconstructed Lasagne

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You know those dinner ideas you have and then think to yourself, “Do I have enough time to make this?” Well that’s exactly what happened when this creation came about. Other than finding these clever little pasta noodles, I knew I needed a quick meal prep on a Sunday for a slide-in-the-oven dinner the next day (our busiest and latest …


New Level Dipped Strawberries

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Dipped strawberries are a classic when it comes to Valentine’s Day or even just giving to that special person you know who loves them! Here are three new ways to fancy up your dipped strawberries that will undoubtedly leave the meal complete! Serves: 2-4 people (Depending on how hungry you are at the end of the meal) Ingredients: 1 Pint, …


Simple Greek Vegetable Salad

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C-O-L-O-U-R! That’s what I like to see in my plate and share with all of you! This is the simplest way to get a good load of veggies into any meal, and can be served up the next day with a can of tuna, chick peas, or left-over chicken for a great meal! And while things are getting ready in …


Mini Greek-town Meatballs

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It’s all about finger-foods and bite-sized items you can display on your plate or share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day – and hey, who doesn’t love to be fed sometimes! Enjoy these savoury meatballs with some Tzaziki or BBQ sauce – whichever suits your palate. Makes 30 mini meatballs Ingredients: 450 g, each Ground Turkey and Ground Chicken …


Cheesy Baked Arancini (aka: Rice Balls)

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I have eaten my fair share of rice balls in my life – often homemade passed down for generations, and some within restaurants too! They seem taunting to make, but oh-my-goodness, once you try these puppies you’ll be enjoying them with your loved ones, and keeping a few reserved in the freezer for a quick thaw and go-to meal accompaniment …


Cranberry Ricotta Crostini

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The perfect bite to the start of your meal! This little appetizer is sure to set the mood with the creamy ricotta along with sweet and sour cranberries reserve. You’ll be glad you made a little extra too have the next day as breakfast or as a snack! Serves 4-8 Ingredients: 1 Cup Frozen or Fresh Cranberries 1 Cup 100% …


Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

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There is something comforting and grounding about sticking a tray of wonderful home grown root veggies in the oven and making something come of it! I challenge myself each garden year to plant a new veg, and this year, along with a previous year’s challenge, this amazing creation came about. Roasted root veggies are so hearty, flavourful and grounding – …


Cranberry Pear Crisp

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It’s all about comfort and joy with this beautiful Cranberry Pear crisp. It preps in less than 25 minutes, and its warm and inviting smell will welcome your guests as they come into your home. Enjoy all of the flavours this one brings together with your favourite mug of warmth too! Ingredients: Filling 2 Cups Frozen Cranberries, thawed 5 Bartlett …