Apple Crumble Oatmeal

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I love fall, the flavours, the rooting and grounding we do, layering (clothes AND food), the holidays and the colours. I have never enjoyed all of the #PumpkinSpice and #PSL stuff going on. Love pumpkin, but straight up. Apples are my thing and this oatmeal is sure to please every palate AND with fresh local apples all around they just …


Lobster Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

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Cheese every day is often how it rolls around here!! But when these three cheeses come together with a butternut squash sauce — Oh My Word! Enjoy this with fresh or frozen lobster meat, or any of your left-over Thanksgiving meat shredded into small pieces! Serves 4-5 Ingredients 1½ Cups Cooked Butternut squash, pureed Olive oil 450 g Elbow Macaroni …


All Time Hearty Chicken Soup

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Who doesn’t like a good, warm bowl of chicken soup? We grew up with a lot of homemade chicken soup, but we also cracked open a package of Lipton’s on a Sunday night with grilled cheese from time to time. My Mother would help out with the boiling water and soup, and my siblings and I would be lined up …


Polenta-Tot Poutine

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What is polenta? That’s the question I get many times when I make a dish including it! I mean, I grew up on polenta, and I love getting experimental with it now in different ways! But many people may not know how to use it or be scared to cook with it! Not anymore. Polenta is cornmeal, boiled with water …


Crispy Baked Calamari

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Calamari may be one of our favourite appetizers to order at a restaurant.  Grilled or fried, it’s often a go-to to start a meal off with including protein and flavour!  I figured since it’s such a go-to I would figure out how to make it at home, so that I know how it all goes down, and can whip it …


Pesto Shrimp and Rapini Barley Risotto

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If you know me, and follow my blog, you may be pretty familiar with my love for pesto! Just check out this recipe here….oh and this one here too. And to prep you for gardening season, have a read here! When you have an overabundance of basil growing in the garden during the summer, it can be difficult to use it …