About Andrea Falcone

Food is Fuel! So, ultimately learning to change our relationship with food would result in a beautiful understanding of how best to fuel our bodies! This would be the ultimate package – yet, the most important relationship we first have to strive for is that with ourselves.

Something I struggled with and did not achieve for many years of my life – until I started working on myself. Though this didn’t come overnight and a big part of it was strengthened as I did learn about food, the human body and my mental and physical health – it did all fall into place, much like the pieces of a puzzle.

Growing up, the harsh words of bullies coupled with a constant “dieting” society and the need to “look” a certain way really shifted how I felt about myself and how I looked. In high school I developed an eating disorder – something I felt I could finally control.

And though not even about food (the eating disorder – in most cases), this was the act of doing something (I suffered silently with Bulimia Nervosa) when feelings and emotions brought me to a point and situation where I felt out of touch with myself – nervous and anxious, or out of control – and resulted in my binging and purging activities. Though it is something I am not proud of, I have realized over the years that my going through this has helped in shaping and shifting me into the person I am today and more so, share my story with others and help them get to a point where they are absolutely in love with who they are – their value and worth in this world.

  • Recognizing balance in meals and snacks
  • Forming positive daily habits
  • Recognizing unconscious (“auto-pilot”) behaviours
  • Improving physical fitness and strength through proper nutrition
  • Snacking tips and simple recipes

Andrea works closely with her clients to help them prioritize their health in a way that enables them to take control of the food choices they make for the life they are living.

Mind is Stronger
Than Muscle

Why a Dietitian?

I grew up learning many values and morals, modeled by my family and people around me. One of which is education. During my first degree, I hummed and hawed about what I wanted to do with a science background. After taking the biochemistry of nutrition and being able to apply it to my health, my body, and the food I was (and wasn’t) eating, I looked into possible routes to gain a credible nutrition background. I was fascinated with nutrition but deep down (as much as another 3 to 4 years looked daunting in my head), I knew that the science was so comprehensive and I wanted the education background that would prepare me in the best possible way to then serve the world.

Dietetics training is such a comprehensive, holistic approach that brings together the science, psychology, behavior changes, as well as professional practice as we continually adapt to our changing world.  As I constantly learn and strive to be better, I’m glad I “stuck it out” for another 4 years – and then some!

My background helps me recognize how to separate the fads and myths from the real science and communicate this to my clients, the grey areas in nutrition and health, and the oh-so-exciting part of my job in writing and recipe development!

Andrea’s Practice Settings


  • Writing, Articling, Recipe Development and Analysis
  • Schools – overall health and empowerment
  • Private Practice (Corporate Wellness, Family Planning, Individual)
  • Sports Teams – nutrition, health and motivation


  • Grocery Stores
  • Food industry
  • Outpatient Clinics (diabetes, family health team, children’s exercise and nutrition)
  • Hospital
  • Community and Public Health Sectors

Why Fitness and Nutrition?

Over the years, I’ve learned about the profound impact of how eating well and feeling strong make me feel.  It’s not even about the image (anymore), but rather feeling my best so that I can help to bring out the best in those who cross my path.

From having an obsessive relationship with the gym in my younger years to now appreciating what my body can do, how it can get stronger, more flexible or my favourite – move through dance – I work out today because it makes me feel good!  I always say it’s my medicine, and my prescription changes weekly and monthly!

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Everything in life takes work, and finding a balance between good nutrition and active living with our busy lifestyles, families, extra-curricular activities, and the number of other obstacles which may lay in our paths is no exception.  It’s being open to trying new recipes, activities, or daily routines while understanding the scope of the information that will help each person find their individual “healthy way of life”.  Food isn’t the enemy.  Yes, our food system is a little nutty today – but finding your best self, to then establish your best health, value, and worth, is right in front of you – staring right back at your beautiful self in the mirror!