Putting Prunes in their Place this New Year!

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Disclaimer: I partnered with California Dried Prunes for this Blog Post, however, all opinions are those of my own. And really, prunes have always been a part of my daily diet, so why not make them yours!

With a fresh kick to the new calendar year we are once again saturated with the New Years’ Resolutions of getting a little healthier! How you go about this seemingly simple task and your approach right from the start truly sets the stage of the overall impact it will have in the months to come.

With so many nutrition trends surfacing our news feeds, I hope this simple suggestion helps you accomplish your goals, savour that sweet craving, and pick you up from your mid-day slump. I’m talking California prunes! And more specifically, how to incorporate them into your snack attack or that quick on-the-run morning or lunch meal.

Primarily known for their fibre content and digestive health benefits, prunes have evolved in research to prove their ability to boost bone health, which is important to monitor throughout life, as we age, and when exercise is a part of your lifestyle. It is through the understanding of how prunes improve the blood stores of nutrients such as Vitamin K and other antioxidants, enhancing the calcium balance as a result. Improved calcium is critical for overall bone health by supporting bone loss that naturally occurs with aging.

This simple treat has always been a go-to for me whether used in baking, marinades, or simply eaten whole as a snack. With a powerhouse of nutrients it delivers to your body simply by having 5-6 dried prunes a day, maybe this year we start by “adding” something great into your daily lifestyle as opposed to taking anything away.

Here are some great tips to get you started:

  • Pack along your California prunes with some nuts or seeds as a great snack combo
  • Chop your California prunes on top of your peanut butter and toast
  • Try some sweet California prunes alongside sharp white cheddar cheese
  • Slice California prunes over a chicken and arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  • And my favourite – why think about breakfast in the morning when you can make it the night before? Check out this California Prunes Overnight Oats recipe, that will have you asking why you waited so long to try this before!

How do you enjoy your prunes?

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