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Changing our
Relationship with Food

We can all do this!

We can all do this!

Food connects us.

Food is around us. Food is changing. Food is both in abundance for some and lacking for others. Do you feel bombarded by the marketing, convenience and too-good-to-be-true “superfood”, detox, fat-burning pill in a bottle or latest fad diet? I don’t blame you. In this day in age it is hard to keep track of what’s true and what’s just trying to bring in some revenue.

Traditions are being lost each day.

You could say that some of our identity is being lost. At a time when our food system keeps delivering on food products that are so far from what “real” is, it is important for us, as individuals, to reconnect – connect back to our roots and more importantly, back to a way of eating that allows food to fuel and nourish us for optimal health. We need to change our relationship with food.

What’s your relationship with food?

Planning is one thing – breakfast, food shopping, a bit of food prep, and bringing your lunch to school or work – action is the other key ingredient. If you don’t make time to plan these important habits out, you will fail at them. If you want to adapt healthy habits, you have to get real with yourself and be honest with yourself about why and how you will do it. A plan without action is prescription for failure.

Information is coming at us from every angle.

No wonder why people are getting more and more confused. The questions you have to ask yourself are: “Who am I?” “What type of lifestyle do I live?” and then, “How can I make this life work for me and my health?” Don’t be swayed by the negative talk and the “should haves” and “could bes”. Be the best version of yourself and make your health a priority.

  • “We were very fortunate to find Andrea to help us on our way to healthy living. She taught us not to regard food as the enemy but to make healthy living our goal. Thanks to Andrea we had increased energy, fewer mood swings, and diet was a four letter word.”

    – Jeanne and Sharon

  • “Andrea’s knowledge provides me with the peace of mind that I am doing everything I can to maintain not only my own balanced diet but my baby’s too. Not only does Andrea provide me with excellent consultations on my own postpartum diet, but for my little girl as well. Andrea goes above and beyond to ensure that she educates her clients in a way that anyone can understand.”

    – Lina

  • “As an instructor, she is a perfect combination of tough and friendly. She pushes you to limits she knows you can reach, mentally, emotionally and physically. Her classes are always fun and motivating, which makes you want to go back for more. As a dietitian she has come into my classroom to speak to my students about Canada’s Food Guide and healthy lifestyles. The students are engaged in her presentation and are comfortable asking her personal health questions. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work really shows.”

    – Christine

  • “Andrea is an amazing Dietitian! She has personally helped me to deal with food allergies and has helped me figure out which foods inflame me and which help me. Andrea has helped my clients reach their fitness goals via her catered nutrition planning. Right from overweight clients to ones with diabetes.”

    – Anna

  • “Andrea is always so positive, motivating and knowledgable. She always knows how to make me feel more confident and how to empower me to make better food & lifestyle choices for myself and my family. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who needs professional support and advice on diet, nutrition and health.”

    – Kathryn

  • “Before I met Andrea, I had no idea what carb counting was and had no intention of ever doing it. We had many sessions where Andrea heard my reluctance, saw my tears and just being overwhelmed by the diabetes management. Today I see the results and believe it can work! I have been regularly testing, working on better eating habits and discipline. I look forward to continually working with Andrea to get better control.”

    – Sarah

  • “Before meeting Andrea, I thought it wasn’t possible to lose and maintain a heathy weight without dieting and in short, living a miserable life (w.r.t. food choices). She provided me with the right tools to make it all possible without struggling. Thanks to Andrea, I was able to positively change my lifestyle through a very smooth process. Today I live a well balanced and much healthier life. I am in control of my food choices and no longer feel deprived of any of the foods I enjoy.”

    – Marina

  • “I highly recommend Andrea, she is an endless source of support on nutrition and fitness knowledge. I truly believe everyone should sit down with a dietitian like her, it was one of the best things I did for myself and my family. Thank you Andrea for helping me to make one of the best changes of my life.”

    – Marina